Monday, August 21, 2006


I had given Perry some meatballs earlier today and when he finished them I took him out of his seat and left his bowl on the table. Then I went out to do the laundry. When I came back in, he had put the bowl with the left-over meatballs on the floor. He was squatting beside it and in front of Daisy (now 6 months)--trying to give her a bite off of his little plastic fork and saying "meatball" over and over again. Daisy just licked her lips. In his mind I guess this wasn't very new. For quite some time now he's been trying to stick a pacifier in her mouth. And he frequently tries to stick his own fingers in there. So why not food? Never before has she so enjoyed what he's given her. It was so cute! I stopped him and told him that it was very sweet of him, but that she was too little for his meatballs. Then I told Daisy that her brother must love her so much to share his yummy food with her. She smiled and laughed--I think she can tell he loves her.

I often tell Perry to go talk or sing to Daisy when she gets upset. And he usually succeeds in cheering her up. While washing dishes today I heard Perry laughing and I peeked my head around the corner into the living room. I could see him lying on his side next to Daisy on the blanket that lay on the floor, smiling and talking to her. The other day I was sitting on the sofa burping her and Perry was sitting next to me. Like her age dictates, she was sticking her tongue out. Perry thought this was hilarious. So he started sticking his tongue out at her, with intermittent laughs.

I guess this is all to answer the question I hear so often: "How is Perry doing with his younger sister?"

Now when he's been separated from her, he looks forward to seeing her again. Like when he wakes up from his nap or when she wakes up from her's, or when he's been visiting my in-laws down the street. He longingly calls out her name now just as often as he calls for "Mommy" or "Daddy." It's heart-warming to see him start to show love for her, and to see her genuinely return his love the only way she can--with a smile and a giggle.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm sure that's what David will say when I tell him that I've started my own blog. He's got his own, and has had it for a year or so ( His questioning won't be out of hypocrisy, just puzzled humor.

When he first started his blog I laughed. "That's so stupid!" I said. "The average net surfer isn't going to want to read about you. Some day in the not so distant future, when we've done away with all other forms of media, some scientist who's been working on a cure for cancer for years and years and years will finally find it and want to post his discovery on the internet but he won't be able to. It will be full. Full of people's silly personal blogs. There just won't be any more room." So who's the hypocrite now?

Perhaps my reasons for starting this blog will be justification enough?

My hope is that I'll be able to keep this up-to-date with information about my family, and particularly about my children Perry and Daisy, so that my family will be able to see/read how we are doing. Since I married a Nomad, you never know when we'll be moving next and which members of our local family will find themselves suddenly separated from our babies and will be very interested in this blog.