Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm sure that's what David will say when I tell him that I've started my own blog. He's got his own, and has had it for a year or so (http://www.davesisland.blogspot.com/). His questioning won't be out of hypocrisy, just puzzled humor.

When he first started his blog I laughed. "That's so stupid!" I said. "The average net surfer isn't going to want to read about you. Some day in the not so distant future, when we've done away with all other forms of media, some scientist who's been working on a cure for cancer for years and years and years will finally find it and want to post his discovery on the internet but he won't be able to. It will be full. Full of people's silly personal blogs. There just won't be any more room." So who's the hypocrite now?

Perhaps my reasons for starting this blog will be justification enough?

My hope is that I'll be able to keep this up-to-date with information about my family, and particularly about my children Perry and Daisy, so that my family will be able to see/read how we are doing. Since I married a Nomad, you never know when we'll be moving next and which members of our local family will find themselves suddenly separated from our babies and will be very interested in this blog.

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David Goodman said...

Ha! I am laughing!