Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Family Tree

The other day I took Perry and Daisy with me to Publix. At the check-out counter the man bagging our groceries asked Perry his name. Perry responded with: "Perry, and this is my wife Daisy."

Luckily the man didn't understand what he said.

Perhaps we've been in Tennessee too long?


Anonymous said...


I saw your entry on the Friday Challenge and had to check out your blog. Thanks for the chuckles. I'm a little envious of all your little ones. Mine are adults except for one, The Kid, who's in 7th grade and into privacy.

Your blog brought back a lot of memories. Thank you.

Privacy in the bathroom. You'll get it eventually.

Enjoy your little ones.

Karen (Mrs. brb)

Rachel said...


I feel so honored that someone other than my family read, enjoyed and commented on my blog! Thank you so much.

Kelly said...

Hi! I like your blog too! The kids are so cute but you know that already probably. You're my hero, I have trouble keeping up with one! :)