Monday, September 15, 2008

How to Have a Happy Daisy

Daisy's new favorite pastime is to roam around the house with a damp washcloth "washing" things. She might sit for ten minutes or so washing a chair or a toy or move from room to room washing windowsills, doors, walls, books, you name it. It really seems to make her happy. When I see her doing this I usually thank her for being such a good helper. Maybe she's inherited some of my mother and grandmother's tidiness genes--I sure didn't.

In other news:

This evening Perry and I were talking about different states and he wanted to know where Pennsylvania was located.

"Is is near Tennessee?" He asked. When I responded negatively he wanted to know if it was close to Florida. Again I told him it wasn't and suggested he get his map game of the United States and we would find it together. When he came back with the game we turned it on--it will say the name of the state when you press on it. I asked him were Tennessee was. He found it the first time, pressed on it and the game told him he had gotten it right. We did the same with Florida.

"And there's Pennsylvania" I told him and then asked him to press on the green state.

"And there's Underwear" Daisy said, and pointed directly to Delaware.

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