Thursday, November 06, 2008

"E" Names

The one and only "E" name I like, at least from this site, is up to vote on. "D" names are there too in case you haven't voted on them yet.

There is a name I came across and liked that isn't in this site's database: Adoniram. I don't exactly know what it means--I just read it and liked the sound of it. David said there was a missionary named Adoniram Judson. Since David's grandfather's name is Judson, maybe we'll name the baby that--if it's a boy. But then again, David's cousin and wife just had a baby boy and used Judson for one of his middle names, so maybe we shouldn't. We wouldn't want to steal their thunder or anything, you know?

What do you think?

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Karen (Mrs.brb) said...

Adoni (Hebrew "my Lord") so I would imagine that Adoniram is Hebrew/Jewish in origin. I like it.