Friday, December 07, 2007

Depressing Ramblings

I'm hungry. I have needed to go to the grocery store for two days now but haven't gotten out there. We've been living off of frozen burritos and cheese grits (our emergency foods). I must go shopping tomorrow, though--we're out of cheese. I think the hardest thing for me right now, with three little ones, is shopping. I can plan a menu and write down a list, but getting out to the store is the hardest part. My best choices are to either go while Perry and Daisy are napping or when they are all down for the night. The problem with both of these is that I'm tired too and would rather be in bed right along with them. So then I'm left with the other option of taking Perry or Daisy along with Calvin and I. But then I have to find creative places to put my purchases since my cart is already full of babies.

But it seems like I can only get one thing done a day. Yesterday I washed the dishes. The kids and I never got dressed, but the kitchen was clean. The day before that I did the laundry--and that's when all the dishes piled up. Today I went out and got the emissions tested on the car as well as our new Tennessee license plate. This evening we went out to see David's art hanging in a new gallery.

I rarely go out and when I come home I feel so confused. My day is such a tight chain of events that when I come home I'm thrown off course. I don't know how to pick up from where I've left off. And so the house is a reck today and I don't think I cooked anything--just kind of threw snacks together.

Tomorrow when I come home from the store, I probably won't get anything else done. Except maybe cooking since I'll finally have food in the house.

I guess I'll just go eat a frozen burrito now. Yuck!

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