Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby Blues II: The Continuation

Last night we couldn't get Daisy to eat her dinner. It's been starting to concern us because she hasn't really been interested in eating for a couple of weeks now. Oh, she'll eat all the white bread I give her, minus the crust--but as the Good Book says, "Man does not live by bread alone."

Anyway, David had the good idea of putting ketchup on her food last night in hopes of tempting her to eat it. But he didn't want to open up the gigantic can of ketchup we bought at Sam's Club (hey, does it really save you money if you never use it but instead go out and buy a whole bunch of little bottles because you don't want the contents of your huge can to spoil?) But, I digress... What's the next best thing to ketchup? Barbecue sauce! Or, as David lovingly referred to it, High Fructose Corn Syrup Sauce.

Oh, it tempted her all right. Next thing we knew she was gagging on a mouth full of cabbage, trying to suck the barbecue sauce off it.

That was kind of it for dinner for me--at least until after they had gone to bed.


Vidad said...

Yes. That horrible sucking sound coming from such a cute little girl was definitely disconcerting.

But holy cow... it WAS funny.

Anonymous said...

Dinner at your house must be a blast. Thank you so very much for the chuckles. Dinner at our house must be so quiet in comparison. We only have to dodge flying buskits (biscuits)on occasion.

Mrs. Brb

Rachel said...


Buskits? Is that a Minnesota thing, or a family thing?

Anonymous said...

Each kid had one word they could not quite get right. This is the youngest one's word. One evening we all sat down to dine and all the food was on the table. Well almost, I came to the table with the bread bowl full of right out of the oven hot biscuits. He (Sam, was about 5 at the time) got so excited at the sight of them that he demanded some one give him a buskit right away. We all did a double take, did he just say buskit?

One of his siblings corrected him and said they are biscuits. Sam said biscuits, buskits, whats the difference. He wanted one.

Another memorable one was when one of the girls said she knew this was going to happen. We asked her how she knew and she promptly replied that she was psycho. The standard double take was done. Don't you mean psychic. Once again, psycho, psychic, what's the difference.


Rachel said...



Anonymous said...

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