Monday, June 02, 2008

Not Yet

The other day Perry and I were sitting on the sofa together. He was looking through a book and I was nursing Calvin. "Oh" said he with a sigh, "I just want a dog."

"A dog?"


Mind you, he doesn't even really like dogs. They make him nervous.

"Well, we're not getting a dog."

"Oh, I just want another baby."

"Really?" I said.


"Did you hear somebody else say that?"

"No, I just want another baby."

"Well, I'm sure God will probably give us another baby at some point."

Frequently one or another of my extended family members will tell me that people come up to them all the time and ask if I'm pregnant yet.

Nope, not yet.

Don't misunderstand me, we still believe in letting God choose when to give us children and how many to give us. I guess He just feels this is not the right time. It's strange, really--since we've been married, this is the longest space of time we've been without expecting a little blessing. I'm earnestly looking forward to the next baby--but I'm thrilled I've been able to nurse Calvin this long! My hope is that God will give us another baby shortly after Calvin turns a year, in July. But if He, as He did with Daisy and Calvin, chooses to bless us before we've weaned the previous baby, we will count ourselves incredibly blessed and praise Him for the new little life. I wouldn't trade or wish away any of my wonderful little ones.

And in case you're wondering, we will never get a dog.

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Anonymous said...


This post brought tears to my eyes. You and David are so blessed. I am impressed with your faith and happiness. Thank you so very much for sharing.